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Veterinary Compounding Specialists

Phusion Pharmacy is a premier compounding pharmacy for veterinary medicine. We price match any competitor's price local or national. Call one of our compounding pharmacists to learn more. 401-823-0000 or Toll Free 855-748-7466 (PHUSION).

Anti-infective Therapy

Transdermal Medications

Behavioral Medicine

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Pain Management

Poisoning / Toxicosis

Seizure Control


Wound Care




How can veterinary compounding pharmacists solve veterinary medication problems?

Phusion Rx can help solve medication problems by combining apothecary expertise with today's technology. Here are some examples of what we have been able to do:

• Flavor medicine to make it easier to dose animals
• Provide low dose, longer-acting insulin injections
• Customize the strength of medications for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, high blood pressure, and more.
• Make anti-fungal inhalation therapy for birds.
• Make transdermal anti-inflammatory gels for torn ligaments.
• Formulate hard to find medications for urinary incontinence.
• Concentrate new solutions for birds and reptiles, matching the dose according to the animal's size.
• Provide discontinued, combination, and custom formulated products.
• Formulate "hairball" remedies for cats.
• Make transdermal anti-motion sickness medicine which can be applied to the outer ear surface.
• Formulate custom shampoos to treat "rain-rot" in horses.
• and much, much more
Phusion Rx Veterinary Products

• Alternate dosage forms
• Sterile injections
• Creams, ointments, and lotions
• Ophthalmic preparations
• Discontinued medications
• Flavor specialization
• Sugar-free formulations
• Topical powders
• Transdermals
• Combination medications
• Medicated biscuits/treats
• Chewable flavored troches
• Otic solutions and suspensions
• Otic insufflations
• Oral suspensions and pastes
• Gels-Topical/oral
• Rectal enemas
• Rectal suppositories
• Ionophoretic formulations
• Individualized concentrated doses
• Inhalation therapy
• Anything your veterinarian can come up with!
Flavors that Work!

Dogs: Liver,Beef, Chicken, Cheese
Cats: Fish, Tuna, Sardine, Cod Liver Oil
Birds: Tutti Frutti, Pina Colada, Tangerine
Horses: Apple, Apple/Caramel, Clover
Cattle: Eggnog, Anise, Alfalfa, Maple
Reptiles: Lemon-Custard, Banana Cream
Ferrets: Chocolate, Peanut Butter
Rabbits: Carrot, Celery, Lettuce
We work with you to create a taste that works for your pet!

How Can I Obtain More Information?
Contact one of our knowledgeable and highly trained pharmacists at 1-855-PHUSION (748-7466)

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