Dermatology: Acne
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Topical nicotinamide, spironolactone, diclofenac, and more are available at Phusion Pharmacy in multiple strengths. Just call to speak to one of our compounding pharmacists. 401-823-0000.

We can compound customized formulations which contain numerous medications to provide a synergistic effect for treatment of resistant acne.
Int J Dermatol
1995 Jun;34(6):434-7 Topical nicotinamide compared with clindamycin gel in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris. Click here to access the PubMed abstract of this article.
J Dermatol
1996 Apr;23(4):243-6 Topical spironolactone reduces sebum secretion rates in young adults. Click here to access the PubMed abstract of this article.
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Athlete's Foot

Chemical Peels

Diaper Rash / Incontinence

Head lice / Scabies

Molluscum Contagiosum

Nail Infection / Removal

Pigmentation Abnormalities

Plantar Warts / Warts


Scarring and Keloids

Topical Anesthetics

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Examples of Compounded Medications