Rhode Island Compounding Pharmacy - FDA Shortages

Phusion Rx can custom compound drugs that are normally commercially available when the medication is acknowledged by the FDA as a current drug shortage in the FDA drug shortage database. *Only when prescribed for an individual patient on the order of a licensed prescriber.
For a variety of reasons, some manufacturers are not able to supply certain medications leaving patients who rely on the medications without many options. This can be very detrimental to a patient's health and their prescription therapy. Because of this, the FDA allows compounding pharmacies to compound commercially available products during times of shortages.

Prescription compounds are dispensed only to individual patients on the order of licensed prescriber.

Below is a link to the FDA drug shortages webpage listing FDA acknowledged shortages that Phusion Pharmacy can compound and dispense to patients immediately upon receipt of a valid prescription. We accept all major insurance plans and offer shipping as well as local pick-up at our pharmacy.

FDA Online Drug Shortage Database:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our compounding pharmacists at 855-748-7466 or fill out our online
contact form.

If there is an item that is unavailable due to backorder that you do not see listed, just give us a call. We will most likely be able to compound the product.

The FDA website listing shortages can be accessed at