Shingles vaccine, flu shots, and more

Phusion Rx offers Immunization service to all patients

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Information regarding immunication services

Phusion Rx offers immunizations everyday, no appointment necessary. Our pharmacists are certified immunizers and can administer any vaccine to patients 18 years and older.
When vaccines are required to be administered by a physician as part of a patient's health plan, we are able to dispense the vaccine as a prescription and have it administered by a physician.
Prevention is the best medicine and Phusion Rx offers the most robust immunization services to Rhode Island patients and beyond.

Call today for a professional consultation or to request more information (401) 823-0000.

Immunizations available:
Flu Shots, Shingles vaccine (Zostavax), Pneumonia shot, Tdap (tetanus, whooping cough), Hepatitis A+B, Typhoid, Meningitis, and more.

For more information on immunizations and recommendations please visit the CDC website at: