Rhode Island Compounding Pharmacy

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DOCTOR On Premises

Advanced Care - By Appointment (401) 244-5225

Dr. Edoro provides advanced care to patients by appointment for the following:

• Bioidentical Hormone Restoration for women (learn more about female bioidentical hormone restoration)

• Low - Testosterone (Andropause) treatment for men (learn more about male bioidentical hormone restoration)

• Weight Management

• Adrenal Fatigue (learn more about adrenal fatigue)

• Men's Health

• Women's Health

Doctor Walk in Service - Minor Illnesses

Walk-In medical service is available for the diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries including:
*Sore Throat / Strep Throat *Sinus Infection *Cough / Fever *Sinusitis *Urinary Tract Infection *Ear Ache / Blockage *Seasonal Allergies *Pink Eye *Nausea / Vomiting / Diarrhea
DOCTOR On Premises

Phusion Pharmacy is bringing the future of Pharmacy to Rhode Island...Today. The medical office of Okosun Edoro, MD, MPH is conveniently located onsite at Phusion Rx.

Dr. Edoro is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine.