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Healthcare Providers

At Phusion Rx, we work with healthcare providers to achieve a common goal: Improved Healthcare. From our state-of-the-art compounding lab to our comprehensive wellness services we are improving healthcare through integration and innovation. We will work with you and your patients to provide the most advanced care to maximize clinical outcomes through prescription therapies, whether customized compounded medications or traditional prescriptions.

Please visit our Compounding section to learn more about customized prescription compounding.

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There are 2 Easy ways to order prescriptions for your patients:

1. Call Phusion Rx at
401-823-0000 (TOLL FREE: 1-855-PHUSION)

2. Fax your prescription order to Phusion Rx at
401-823-0300 or Toll Free: 855-748-7466 (PHUSION)

Our pharmacists are available for consult to help solve unique challenges with prescription therapies. Call us today at
(401) 823-0000 - Toll Free: 855-748-7466 (PHUSION)